Turnkey farmland investment with high return:

Your own titled and fully managed lime plantation in Colombia

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Profit from an Innovative Agricultural Investment

  • Compared to similar agricultural investments these lime plantations are already in production! So there is no need to wait for ages until the trees are growing and bearing fruits! The limes are already harvested all over the year, shipped and sold to the US and Europe
  • You will receive your first payment in January 2023, all further payments will be made twice a year in January and July
  • Free-simple title structure and membership in Farmowner’s Association
  • Contract with experienced and vetted farm management tea. Fixed year-around offtake agreement and excellent infrastructure for packaging and shipping
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  • Las Lomas is a Tahiti lime farm located in the spectacular Quindío region of Colombia. This 93 LOT (64-hectare) farm consists of 20,241 lime trees ranging from one to four years in age, and the limes currently being produced are achieving an exceptional export quality rating of over 70%.
  • The area is also central to the country’s forthcoming 4G infrastructure project, which will connect the region to the coastal ports through an extensive series of bridges, tunnels and roads.
lots subdivision
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LOTs Subdivision

  • The farm is subdivided into 93 lots, each with own title
  • Each lot has a size of 1 cuadra, a Colombian measurement system
    (equal to 1.58 acres or 6.400 m2)
  • Returns will be distributed based on percentage participation of the complete farm,
    not on the individual yield of a given LOT (=1/93 of total farm returns per lot)
  • Total LOTs: 93
    Remaining LOTs for purchase: 8
the developer
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The Developer

  • The investment company is dedicated to providing access to niche agricultural opportunities in emerging markets. Over the last 5 years, the company has developed projects across the agricultural supply chain, opening the agricultural space to new participants through its integrated model for agribusiness development. The boots-on the-ground presence allows it to go where others can’t, creating opportunities at the frontier of the agriculture industrie.
  • With over 3,000 stakeholders, $54 million in Agribusiness Assets Under Management and $17 million capital raised the company is quickly becoming a trusted source for creating value through agribusiness. The company takes a hands-on approach and has not only structured oerings but deleveloped, managed and provided oversight for numerous agribusiness ventures.
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Colombia –
a Rapidly Growing Emerging Market

  • Colombia is an attractive investment destination for companies and investors looking to do business in Latin America. The country boasts of vast natural resources and a well-diversified economy with an estimated GDP of over $330 billion (2018) expected to grow to about $415 billion in 2023 (Statista). It is the third-largest economy in Latin America with an annual GDP growth of 4.9%.
  • Colombia’s investment portal estimated that exports of fruits and vegetable sector reached 48 destinations around the world in 2017. Some of the notable recipients are The Netherlands, with exports of US $61.8 million, the United States, with exports of US $19.1 million and the United Kingdom, with exports of US $18.3 million.
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